Sunflower Sanctuary - Future Plans

Sunflower Sanctuary Animal Rescue is dedicated to helping as many animals as possible to have a better life!

At the current time, We are at full capacity for our acreage. We would like to expand our operations and at this point in time have the opportunity to do just that. There are 2 adjacent acres of land available for purchase. Acquiring them would allow us to rescue more animals and build the structures needed to house and otherwise care for them, as well as to house a permanent, on-site assistant, which is desperately needed. However, we need your help and support in order to realize this next phase.

We truly hope you consider donating to help Sunflower Sanctuary rescue many more old dogs and provide them with the love and compassion that they deserve as they approach the end of their lives.

Our future is bright and we hope to continue on this path! So please help us and donate!