Meet our Sunflowers

Photos marked with a "" are courtesy of Helga Carter

Previously rescued, however the person who rescued them could no longer care for them.

We are so happy to have Baby who is Meme's daughter. She is feral, just like her mother and loves to eat. She follows her mother everywhere. Meme does wag her tail alot more and with Baby by her side both are settling in well.

Big Boy arrived to the sanctuary in early December 2016 is a gentle giant and the happiest dog. He had 5 other doggie companions and was taken into the city shelter after his owner was found dead in their home after a month. It was a very terrible situation for these poor animals. You can tell he is so very happy to be at the Sanctuary.

Big Man arrived to the sanctuary in early December 2017. Atlantis was the name he came with, but he doesn't answer to that so Big Man it is. I was told he has lived outside his whole life, now that he has had a taste of what it's like to be indoors, he no longer wants to go outside. He is such a sweet guy and LOVES attention!

Candy came to us at in the fall of 2010 with her brother Bogey. They were rescued by friends of an elderly woman that could no longer care for them and they were being abused in their current home.

They were so traumatized that it took quite a while for Candy to accept attention, sorry to say Bogey died before he could.

Candy now is a sweet, attention craving border collie mix that is 7 years old. She has become very good friends with Willie the Goat!

Doc was found roaming the neighborhood by Sunflower. I took him in and made sure he got fixed and up to date on his shots. I am not sure how old Doc is, but I think around 1 or 2 years old. He is a sweet, loving boy who is in need of a good home. Because he is so young, the older dogs at the Sanctuary cannot keep up with him.

Granny came to us from Argos, who rescued her from the shelter.

Koda is roughly 10 years old and arrived to the Sanctuary in July 2017. Koda was adopted out twice by another rescue and returned twice, adopted out again and then found wandering on the street many, many miles from his last adopted home. He was then picked up by animal control and put into the Abq. Shelter and was finally returned to the rescue. Koda finally has a permanent resting spot here at Sunflower and he never has to worry again. Welcome home Koda!

Maddie arrived at the sanctuary on November 3, 2017 and came to us from Rez Dog Rescue. Welcome Maddie!

Here is little ferrel MeMe , formally known as Mamasita who hid under my bed for the first few months! Stayed away from everyone, she sure has come a long way!

Arrived to the Sanctuary in June 2017. He had been in the Tucumcari Shelter for a long time. No one knows whether he was mauled by coyotes, a pack of dogs, or a whip, but the scars on this poor little guy definitely tells a story of one we will never know. He is so very sad and we hope that soon he will settle in and realize what a lucky guy he is. Welcome home Niles!

Paddy arrived March 17, 2019. She showed up all matted and fleas. She is the sweetest little girl.

Princess was an owner surrender after 9 years when the previous owner could no longer care for her.

Set to leave this world from Albuquerque Animal Welfare, her last chance. Welcome Snowhite! Hope you have a happy life!

On February 21, 2015 Sunflower Sanctuary rescued three miniature burros; Baby, and Autumn (a.k.a "The Three Amigos"). A family member notified us that they had not been taken care of due to unforseen circumstances. We are proud to welcome them into our Sanctuary and family!